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fire mantel, also known as a stone mantel or chimneypiece, is a type of protective framework that is placed around a fireplace. Initially, its sole purpose was to divert smoke coming from the fireplace towards the chimney, preventing the smoke from dispersing in the room. But eventually, these pieces have progressed into something that delivers both function and style.

Through the years, fire mantels resulted in something used as a decorative component when it comes to modern architectural design. This is because most mantels and fireplaces are made out of stone, may it be reclaimed stones or new, and are then constructed to turn into an elegant masterpiece. Still serving their main purpose of directing smoke to the chimney, these are now often used as makeshift shelves that house books, picture frames, or any other small piece of decoration to add accent to the mantel as well. 

Express Elegance With Neolithic Materials

Elegance must come hand in hand with fine authentic craftsmanship. Being the focal point found in a room or outdoor setting, fire mantels are also considered as an expression of art when it comes to interior designing. It is also a way of demonstrating the artistic vision of a sculptor. Adding one into any room adds a touch of elegance to any setting. But of course, style and quality should never be compromised.

Prioritizing quality, authenticity, and sophistication, we at Neolithic Materials, CA supply the best stone materials for your fire mantel needs. We offer a wide variation of reclaimed stones and carved stone materials in order to cater to the different preferences of our clients.

Reclaimed Stone and Fireplace Mantels

Fire mantels are made from different types of materials such as marble, timber, or granite. Even so, the most efficient material to use when it comes to building fireplaces is stone. While there are newly carved mantels available, nothing beats the uniqueness and opulence a reclaimed stone fire mantel.

The most well-known reclaimed stone types are:

  • Granite

  • Limestone

  • Sandstone

Reclaimed Stone, are pieces from ancient European and Mediterranean civilizations (usually the 17th and 18th centuries) that are used in buildings and architecture today. May it be wood or stone, these materials are sourced primarily from century-old pavements, buildings, and other structures to provide a piece of history and one of a kind appearance to every architectural design.

Different Styles of Reclaimed Fireplace Mantels

Reclaimed Stones when used as Fire Mantels, are carved and honed into different designs. There are probably hundreds of patterns for mantels made out of different materials like wood and of course, stone. The layout and construction of these mantels are often inspired by the designer’s vision or the different eras and centuries such as Classic, Victorian, Gothic, Italian, French, and many more.

Get to know the historical origins of some of the most common Fire Mantel styles available both in the classic and modern times:

  • Trumeaux

    Usually originating from France, a Trumeaux stone is defined as a pillar between two openings. With the explanation itself, a Trumeaux is perfect to use as fireplace fame.

  • Antique Alabaster

    This mineral stone originated in the mid-17th century and was widely used during the Victorian Era. Back then, this material is considered a symbol of luxury that is also often used as clock mantels. When used as fire mantels, Antique Alabasters exhibits this waxy and smooth, creamy white finish.

  • Neoclassical English

    Materials that fall under the Neoclassical English design are stones that are commonly excavated from the Greek Ruins and Western Europe. This is one of the best options for those who are searching for mantels that will enhance a Renaissance-themed room.

  • Neo-Renaissance

    Neo-Renaissance fire mantels are often a combination of both wood and stone that were mostly used during the late 18th century. As the name suggests, this goes well with Renaissance or dark themed rooms.

Why Choose Reclaimed Stone Fire Mantels?

While the source of heat today has upgraded to more trouble-free systems such as radiators and baseboards, nothing will beat the cozier feel a traditional fireplace provides. That being said, the use of fire mantels is still well used especially in colder areas or the countryside. 

What makes Reclaimed Materials as special and sought after are the pieces of history found in each stone. Using such elevates and balances modern design due to its uniqueness and versatility. More so, these stones are assured to have gone through the best retrieval process. This means the materials will last very long and is one of the biggest pros that could make Reclaimed Stones a worth-it investment when it comes to building a home. But aside from that, you could never go wrong with choosing an antique stone because it fits in even with the most modern designs today. 

What To Know Before Buying Reclaimed Stone

  • Know where it came from
    One of the most fascinating things in purchasing reclaimed stone is the story it has brought from the past. As mentioned earlier, these pieces usually come from the 17th to the 18th century and were made with hand-hewn techniques.
  • Know the function of the stone
    Each type of reclaimed stone has its own function. Some may be used for outdoor settings while some are used indoors. 
  • Know that nothing is the same
    It is well established at this point that every reclaimed stone material is different from the other. Nothing is ever the same, which means you never get the same design with other structures. 

About Neolithic Materials, CA

You and your home deserve the best materials that are able to work well in any living space available. Treat yourself with rare pieces of reclaimed works from ancient civilizations to architecturally accent your life with a touch of the past of making it the perfect blend of modern and classic. 

Neolithic Materials offers the possibility to literally follow in the footsteps of those who have lived before us in your very own home. We aim to provide pieces that will be appreciated in any setting or architectural design. If you would like to see more of what we have to offer, call us today to schedule an appointment to visit our showrooms all over California.

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