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Reclaimed Floorings

Reclaimed Italian Limestone Flooring construct in the living room of a house
Close up view of French Limestone Flooring installed in a house

Good quality flooring, just like any other interior elements, is essential when building a house. This is one of the factors that determine the overall impact of your home. One might think that it is an easy task, but choosing the best flooring that goes along well with any type of architectural design could be a challenge. This is why opting for timeless pieces, like Reclaimed Flooring, is one of the best options when selecting what is ideal for your dream home.

What Is Reclaimed Flooring?

Reclaimed Flooring, defined by the name itself, are pieces from ancient European and Mediterranean civilizations (usually the 17th and 18th centuries) that are used in buildings and architecture today. May it be wood or stone, these materials are sourced from century-old pavements to provide a piece of history and one of a kind appearance to every architectural structure.

Types of Reclaimed Flooring:

Though it is mentioned that Reclaimed Flooring, in general, is a treat to the eyes, we at Neotlihic Materials, Marina Del Rey, California, provide authentic top-quality reclaimed flooring that caters to every type of design preference. Below are our wide selection, all of which is assured to bring elegance to classic or modern architectural design ideas.

  • Ancient Biblical Stone

    Ancient Biblical Stones are pavers taken from the small, quaint villages of the South of France. This provides the most Meditteranean feel with its rough, velvety finished surface that goes well with modern luxury.

  • Antique Dalle de Bourgogne

    Originating from the Bourgogne Region of France, these thick limestone slabs from the 17th century come in nude or earth tones. This material is done using hand-hewn techniques which is why every piece is unique from the other. Antique Dalle de Bourgogne originally come in 4” limestone cuts.

  • Antique Italian Flooring

    This was highly preferred to be used as flooring for the high-end villas back in the day. Greatly influenced by both art and architecture, this piece provides that “mosaic art feel” due to the uniqueness found in each tile which enhances symmetry and opulence. Antique Italian Flooring is mostly known for its cool tones that perfectly fit neutral-colored interiors.

  • Antique Antediluvian

    Antique Antediluvian defined as something that lived before the flood is sourced from the ancient cities of the Mediterranean Sea. These hand salvaged pavers usually come in warmer tones compared to the other materials. This provides a more classic-cozy feel that is perfect for mid-century themed architecture. In their original form, they are up to 8" thick, random in width and length which are gauged into the perfect fit for your home.

  • Antique Belgian Bluestone

    As the name suggests, this stone was widely used in Belgium and the Netherlands, mostly in churches and other areas that are aimed to withstand heavy foot traffic. It is one of the most sought-after material due to its durability and beauty. It is made popular today to bring peace and serenity to modern interior designs. This pleasing piece comes in blue/gray tones with a fossil-like finish which goes well in today’s modern or contemporary designs.

  • Reclaimed Corsica

    This flooring is the perfect proof that simplicity is indeed beautiful. This provides a simple rustic elegance with plenty of character due to its sun-washed finish that never goes out of style. It is usually applied in outdoor settings but also fits perfectly in indoor halls.

Why Choose Reclaimed Flooring?

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, flooring either makes or breaks your home’s appearance and function. Since it is the most used surface in any property, materials that could live through constant use should be considered when choosing what to get. Reclaimed Flooring provides that. Here are more reasons why you should choose Reclaimed Flooring:

  • Great Investment

    Even though there are countless options depending on every budget available, flooring is an important foundation of a hard-wearing structure. Every slab is restored to its best condition in order to withstand the test of time for both interior and exterior settings. The durability of reclaimed flooring does not only last for a long time but it also saves one from spending excessively when it comes to repair and maintenance in the future.

  • Have A Piece of Preserved History

    As mentioned above, reclaimed flooring comes from century-old structures and roads. Unlike mass-produced materials nowadays, each type is hand-hewn and could be considered an art that has a unique story to tell. No two stones are ever the same. That being said, it effortlessly provides its own distinctive characteristic from its origin and feels to any home.

  • Versatility and Authenticity

    Modern and classic combined. Modern architecture mostly consists of minimalist designs, and reclaimed materials add a touch of personality and will go well with any present-day piece whether an interior is themed as rustic, industrial, or contemporary. No matter when it is used, every room will be filled with unfailing beauty that will never change through the years.

Give Your Home The Elegance It Deserves.

Looking for the perfect place to find such rare materials is also one of the main things to consider when investing in flooring. Neolithic Materials, Marina Del Rey is a cache of contemporary cut and reclaimed stone-carved works of ancient civilizations that flourished along the Mediterranean. With these rare pieces, we are able to architecturally accent your life with a touch of the past or making it modern and classic.

We offer the best stone selection of floorings, fireplaces, fountains, and other antique stone materials in the US since 2010, from the Pyramids of Giza, the Parthenon in Rome, to the great cathedrals of France & Germany. Guaranteed to provide the most refined and grand pieces for your home no matter what your heart desires. Call us today to visit our showroom and know which Reclaimed Flooring is best for your dream home.